Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Origin of a Cultural Initiative

Fr. Giussani wrote a brief statement describing the origin of the Meeting, just months after the very first session, in 1980.   What it is today was there from the beginning.  An excerpt:

This is the ideal that unites: it is a response to the need to live that unites people, that creates society. Friendship: a company guided toward destiny, as I always defined it with the youngsters. The perception of a situation as the absence of the ideal, and therefore a commitment, so that it would exist, so that the presence of the ideal happens.

Therefore the event of a new initiative, the generation of an adult begins, the adult starts generating. They have created a place where one encounters a subject. The presence is this: a place. The generation of an adult, which makes present one's own life beyond oneself, it is a place where one encounters a subject. A subject, a person, a humanity, who has something to say; a humanity with a message.

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