Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Church Defends the Gypsies

France is having its own immigration crackdown, and for the past month President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for "security measures" in regard to the Roma people, or gypsies.  Some fifty illegal camps have been dismantled.

Archbishop of Aix Christophe Dufour was present during one of the police raids.  He gave this statement:
The caravans have been destroyed.  I do not question the police who obey orders.  But I ask for respect for persons and their dignity, under French law.  Security discourses which may suggest that there are inferior populations are unacceptable.  These people are Europeans and living here peacefully for the most part, some of them for many years.
The archbishop offered to meet with the authorities in an attempt to arbitrate (via @lepetitchose).

Today, in his weekly Angelus address, the Holy Father addressed this issue with the French-speaking pilgrims:  
The liturgical texts of today repeat to us that all men are called to salvation.  They contain a call to learn to accept legitimate human diversity, following Jesus who came to unite people of all nations and all languages.  Dear parents, educate your children in universal brotherhood.

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Dcn Scott Dodge said...

The Holy Father is quite correct, we need an education in universal brotherhood. Christians, of all people, should lead the way in this. Anything else, is truly contrary to our faith. As theologian Owen Cummings frequently insists, we must see each other as blessings, not threats.

I am the happy the local bishop is defending them