Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two questions

First, apart from pulling a Romney with regard to his stance on immigration (i.e., dramatically changing his position from when he was governor to win in Iowa), how can Huckabee be considered a populist by proposing the replacement of a progressive income tax for a regressive national sales tax? I agree that our income tax system, like our immigration (non)system, our healthcare chaos, and our anti-democratic laws about campaign finance, is in dire need of overhaul in the direction of being flatter and fairer, but I fail to see how such a candidate can appeal to working people in this way.

Second, are not people who oppose the horrific injustice of abortion liberals? After all, we are the ones opposing the unjust status quo. Hence, we are the ones seeking to establish a more humane and progressive societal order. This implies that people who defend the unjust status quo are the conservatives. Probably not an original thought, but it is one that hit me with force today.

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