Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'd vote for Deacon Scott!

But the act of voting will only take about a half hour out of my year. What I am trying to figure out is how to live the half hour I have before me right now. And then the next half hour. I understand that several of the hours that I will have before the election will be spent researching the positions of the available candidates, before I can spend that particular half hour wisely. That still leaves vast stretches of my life (should God deign to grant them to me) up for grabs.

In light of the impact that the questions concerning immigration have had on my heart, I want to look again at Matthew 25:31-46. The criterion for salvation seems very clear in these verses. Crafting policy has its place, but it's nothing beside placing a loaf of bread in the hand of a hungry person.

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Dcn Scott Dodge said...

Suzanne- thanks for your support. I actually have thought about electoral politics. Anyway. . .

I like the part about devoting some time to seeing what candidates are actually proposing. It is not unheard of for rhetoric not match proposal or policy