Friday, August 27, 2010

Where do you start?

There is a very moving article by Fiammetta Cappellini from the Meeting at Rimini, "Is the world still remembering our tragedy?", who works for the AVSI aid organization in Haiti.  I have been following her story at since the earthquake hit.  In each of her letters she gives insight into how to keep starting again in the face of every imaginable obstacle.  What I learn from her is not to imagine that we can solve problems in any comprehensive way, because it doesn't belong to us to do this but to Another, and that presumption only paralyzes us.   Instead, it's about taking steps and following the provocation.  In this case, a teacher and some schoolchildren took a step which gave Haitian children living in tents a chance to continue their studies.
It is difficult to land here from Haiti to a world without cracks, to Western life, and to succeed in building a speech with iron logic and meticulous explanations that people expect. I got a bit troubled, I didn't feel up to it. I still have the impression of not being able to make people understand the most important thing: that Haitians have found hope, and trust again, and that the desire for great things that is hope in tomorrow, has taken force, and has returned to life. I thought I did not find the words to tell about the long road made of small steps which has carried us from the tragedy to a window on the future.

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