Sunday, August 15, 2010

When surrounded by beauty, something happens.

Earlier this month, I visited my home-state of Colorado and was given the chance to hike a fourteener (a mountain at or above 14,000 ft). It was barely unsuccessful because a closed road added 3 miles to the beginning of the journey, which was more than enough to keep us from summiting until after lightning started to roll in. We then camped near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and spent the next morning marveling, climbing, and (admittedly) playing in the hot sand surprisingly found in the middle of the Rockies.

At times, my friends and I could not help but to announce our amazement at the sights in front of us. How could such delicate plants and animals be placed with and survive within such unforgiving conditions as the tundra and the Dunes? What could possibly conceive of such original beauty as that had by a mountain? How is it that we have the opportunity to see some of these sights that very few people ever have or ever will? The circumstances left us in the position of being unreasonable were we not to recognize and acknowledge Someone behind this. Someone all loving and all creative. This acknowledgement was evident among us even if it was not always explicit... What a true leap of faith it would require to look at all we saw and affirm nothing!

Interesting fact: The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado are home to at least six species of insects found no where else on Earth. (I found this interesting enough to share, I hope it was interesting enough to read!)

Here are a few pictures taken by Paul:


Fred said...

which species of insects?

clairity said...

Great pictures and it sounds amazing. Not sure I'm up for that hike!

Joseph Orrino said...

They were listed at the park. As of right now, I can't find a list anywhere. One is the Great Dunes Tiger Beetle, which is pictured at this link.

Fred said...

Great Dunes Tiger Beetle is plenty. About the hike, no comment!