Monday, July 7, 2008

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I am back from the CL NW Summer Vacation. It was fabulous!!

On Saturday we went hiking in the Deception Pass State Park. While there, little Gemma was picking flowers with the help of Laura. This inspired Benjamin Olson to write the following:

Untitled (for now)

Near the madrona tree

she opened,

breathing out her yellow among

the spider-silk and dirt.

With a violent pinch,

at once painful and exhilarating,

she rose

high above her previous plane—

but not a violence; rather,

finally seen as a true embodiment

of yellow, finally enjoying the mystery

of being enjoyed,

the violent became the kindest tenderness.

And a gift overflowing from

the gaze and her ascension

was her chance to join in the

rugged processional

down the seaside trail.

Ben is a student at SPU, and an intern at Image Journal this summer.

More later.

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clairity said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. What a fun job to be an intern at Image! I look forward to hearing more about your vacation.