Sunday, June 15, 2008

how do we stay together online?

One of the things I notice from the posts on blogging last week is this: it takes an effort to remain together. This is true in person - as all of us know who traveled more or less to attend Spiritual Exercises. It's also true online. It's one thing to respond to a provocative question. It takes effort, however, to read the responses and to let myself be challenged and provoked again by a diversity of voices. I appreciate the responses, and I'm especially grateful for the post, "When the Infinite Enters." This post takes pains to embrace these different voices and to bring them back together in a kind of unity. Above all, it is a reminder for each of us (a sign) to seek out the common threads in dialogue: the seek a common truth amid the swirling of opinion.

Synthesis is a gesture that is familiar to us in Communion and Liberation from School of Community and especially assemblies. Spiritual Exercises have been a profound reminder to me of the gestures that help me follow authority and to renew the companionship of a people who have been called by Christ. We have so many gestures: how to sing, how to pray, how to gather... my question - my challenge - is this: what are some gestures that may help us build companionship online? These may be gestures borrowed from other parts of life or they may be gestures especially apt for cyberspace.

Let's build on our attempts of last week. Let's learn from what we have tried. If companionship is possible in the circumstance of cyberspace, then what are some small steps that will move us in that direction?

As I finish here, I remember that the first step is to put priority on what God has done for us. What we have seen happen at Spiritual Exercises or School of Community, or at work, or at home is a great sign of hope to us if we remember it. Is it possible to live this way - online? Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful and kindle in them the fire of Your love!

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