Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ROSE Busingye - Please act before April 25

I got this from one of the CL mailing lists:

The documentary "Greater Defeating AIDS …" by the Italian director Emmanuel Exitu, which features the stories of our friends Rosy Busingye, Vicky and the other women of the Meeting Point International , Kampala, Uganda, won the Audience Award at last fall New York AIDS Film festival.

Now the documentary is being shown at the Babelgum Online Film Festival and Spike Lee, the chairman of the evaluation committee of this Online Film festival will designate one film, among the five documentaries best rated by the public online, to be presented at the next world Film festival of Cannes, France.

Rose invites all of us to rate the documentary before APRIL 25th in order to make their stories known even at and from Cannes etc..

This is the procedure:

1. go to http://www.babelgum.com/113782/greater-defeating-aids.htm

2. click on the image ( African women dancing)

3.click " download babelgum free now" ( free and spyware free) and then "save" and save the babelgum-client.exe on the desktop : wait for the download to complete

4.close Internet explorer

5 double click on the icon babelgum-client.exe on the desktop and then click " run" for setup wizard and follow all the steps for the installation.

6. at this moment the babelgum program starts , click on "click here" and wait for the initializing phase to complete

7. then the registration form appears ; if you don't have already an account, click on "sign-up for babelgum " on the right , create your account and fill in the form and sign up

8.the main menu appears ; in the search clips write " greater AIDS" and then click enter

9. select the icon "Greater Defeating AIDS", click on it, choose play

10. the documentary starts playing

11. go with the pointer to the right of the screen : there some icons will appear : the first one is a star; click on the star and five empty stars appear to be filled in to rate.


Jim said...

If you have a Mac, don't despair. The player is available for OS X.

Jim said...

Err.... that is.... only if you have an Intel Mac. Bummer.

Freder1ck said...


Marco said...

We can still rate and watch "Greater"! the date now is May 7th!

Marco said...

Good news! "Greater-defeating AIDS" is the top rated documentary film at Babelgum Film Festival, so it is one of the three films Spike Lee is viewing during these hours! Spike Lee will pick the winner and present it at a gala award ceremony in Cannes on May 20th. More info on http://www.babelgum.com/blog/