Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge

See the video here.

Join the Way of the Cross this Good Friday in a city near you.

In the heart of a city where millions of people carry their daily cross, most of the time dreadfully alone: if God exists, He has nothing to do with my daily life. This is the true cross of every day, the cross of a person abandoned only to himself in his most inner need for a never-ending love, truth, beauty, and justice.

We need the presence of “God-with-us”, Jesus every day. And Jesus, because of the sacrifice of His cross and because of His resurrection, dwells among us every day.

The Way of the Cross in the heart of the city is a simple, humble sign offered to ourselves and to everyone as a witness to His merciful presence in our daily lives and as a plea, through His cross and resurrection, that our eyes and heart may be opened to His presence.

There will be noise on the bridge, possibly confusion. It is the very noise and confusion of our city, where we spend our days. We will need to desire great attention in order to follow Jesus and to fix our gaze on the event of His passion. It is that very same attention that is needed to look at the event of His presence among us every day.

This is why we suggest maintaining silence all along the Way of the Cross, a silence in front of God dying for us, a silence that isn’t merely not speaking, but is the simplest, purest way to beg to recognize His presence in our daily life.

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