Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unable to Pause For Beauty?

This is a wonderfully provocative article on the disconnect between American culture and beauty. Is this culture formed by our educational system, as the author suggests? And what if a large sector of children began to be allowed the indulgence of entering the embrace of beauty as it happened to appear?


Dcn Scott Dodge said...

One little known policy proposal of Gov. Huckabee is to insure arts education in schools. I like that very much.

Marie said...

Unfortunately, in my book, Huckabee has also been the only governor who actually tightened restrictions for homeschooling families after campaigning as pro-homeschooling.

Freder1ck said...

We need to be careful to understand what is meant by the term 'education' in political discourse. Does Gov. Huckabee propose an introduction to all of reality through learning about and making art? From what I've seen with arts eduction in schools is that art is generally taught as a series of techniques for producing creative works.