Saturday, February 9, 2008

Immigration revisited

I left off the fourth component of comprehensive immigration reform, perhaps the most important and, hence, the most divisive issue of all, the status of the over 10 million people who live in the United States that are undocumented and otherwise not here legally. We do need to provide a path to citizenship and one that puts a priority on reuniting and keeping families together. I have no problem with people paying a fine to recognize the irregularity of their status, but only if it is not unduly punitive and they are then allowed to stay.

Again, it seems to me that Pres. Bush's bill is a pretty good one. I am happy that Sen. McCain, who is from a border state, as is the President, supports it.

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Freder1ck said...

Yes. We need an immigration solution that is realistic, that recognizes the integral contribution of resident aliens to the economy and culture of this country. We also need to look at helping our neighbors to the South strengthen their economies and stabilize their political systems.