Friday, November 16, 2007

God's Initiative

We must not play the part of God. Our responsibility is to be ready for what He does. This is what puts us at ease, because I cannot stop myself from constantly decaying, I cannot avoid it; it is useless to fight against it. The question is that I be true when the Mystery grabs me by the hair again, when He reawakens me, when He comes to meet me.

Fr. Carron, International Assembly of Responsibles 2007

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Suzanne said...

Yes! Rereading this post helps me a lot because I have been learning this lesson in very intense and dramatic ways, lately. Not only can I do nothing to stop the process of decay, I can do nothing in so many areas of life in which I think I can have an effect! This has led me to ask the question: What is the purpose of doing, acting, making? I was really struck (I forget just what it was I was reading) when I read the testimony of someone who is in a fraternity group that organizes the Meeting at Rimini -- he said that Fr. Giussani always pushed him to ask himself WHY he was doing these things, why the fraternity group did the things they did...because if it was for friendship, or because they saw value in the Meeting, or any other number of reasons, eventually they would lose interest. The only reason for action, for giving, for moving forward is Christ. Until I get this into my thick skull, until it becomes a habit of looking at all things, I'm going to keep worrying about my role, my responsibility, etc in a way that will be self-defeating and tiring. So, thanks for this reminder!